Pre-professional and dual-degree programs at William Jewell are designed to give students a foundation for future academic and professional studies based in the liberal arts. Students are able to set their goals at the onset of their education and build a strong, diverse skill set towards one of these programs. Other unique characteristics include:

  • Personal relationships with academic advisors and other faculty members;
  • Small class sizes, which will enable students to directly interact in their education;
  • Outstanding on-campus facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, extensive library system, and nationally recognized lecturers;
  • Close proximity to the Greater Kansas City Area, which boasts opportunities for internships, mentorships, post-graduation employment, and volunteer venues.

Students should be prepared to take at least 60 semester hours before seeking admission into a college of dentistry. Required courses usually include two semesters of each of the following: biology, English, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics.

Dual-Degree Engineering
Jewell works in cooperation with several outstanding engineering schools to offer you a choice of 3-2 or 4-2 programs. Visit

Dual-Degree Forestry & Environmental Management
For those interested in applied professions relating to the environment, William Jewell offers a 3-2 program with Duke University leading to a master of forestry degree or a master of environmental management degree. Applicants for this liberal arts-environment program should so indicate at the time of enrollment in college.

As a pre-professional program, this approach to law enables you to pursue any major while working with a pre-law advisory committee. Courses in biology, debate, economics and accounting, English, history, philosophy, political science, and speech are recommended.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Veterinary
Students apply to the pre-medical program in their sophomore year. The Pre-Medical Advisory Program is designed to connect students with faculty who can help guide them through the appropriate undergraduate academic requirements, as well as mock interviews, research projects, and graduate study. The program is also designed to introduce students to relevant experiences in the Greater Kansas City Area, before choosing a specific career or research path.

Students can combine their study in the religion department with a complementary area of study to prepare them for the significant learning experiences of seminary and for the field of service to which they are planning to pursue.

Pre-Occupational Therapy
Most students interesting in pursuing a degree in occupational therapy choose to major in psychological science. After completing their degree at Jewell, many apply to masters’ or doctorate programs in occupational therapy. Alternatively, students may apply to enter the 3-2 program in occupational therapy offered in conjunction with Washington University. The first three years at Jewell and the first year at Washington University are aimed at completing a B.A. in psychological science. After successfully completing a second year at Washington, you will receive a M.S. in occupational therapy. Students who are admitted to the master’s program at Washington University may consider entry into a longer program that will result in the OTD (doctoral) degree.

Pre-Physical Therapy
Most students interested in pursuing a degree in physical therapy choose to major in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry. After completing their degree at Jewell, many apply to masters’ programs in physical therapy.