Illegal Drugs and Narcotics Policy

Updated: 6/30/16; Reviewed: 10/13/21
Contact: Student Life Office

William Jewell College students are expected to adhere to all laws related to the possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol and narcotics, as outlined by the Federal Government, the State of Missouri, Clay County, Missouri, and the City of Liberty, Missouri. The unlawful use, possession, purchase, and/or distribution of drugs or alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on the William Jewell College campus. Students legally eligible to possess and consume alcoholic beverages must adhere to all policies outlined within the William Jewell College Student Handbook.

Students deemed to be in possession of illegal drugs/narcotics or if found on college property or at an off-campus, college-sponsored function, the following procedures will be invoked:

  1. The college official making the discovery will remain with the illegal substance and all parties involved. The discovering college official will immediately contact the following personnel.
  2. If on-campus, Campus Safety should be called to serve as a witness and second college official to assist with processing the incident. If the discovering official is a member of the residence life staff, a second residence life staff member, preferably a Resident Director, should be called as a secondary staff member to witness and assist until campus safety arrives.
  3. If off-campus, a second college official, if available, should be called as a witness and assist with processing the incident.
  4. Regardless of location, the Dean of Students or Associate Dean of Students should be contacted for direction and instruction regarding an appropriate response to the incident.
  5. The identity of all parties involved, including by-stander witnesses and college officials, will be documented in an incident report that outlines, in detail, the circumstances of the incident. The incident report is to be completed by the discovering college official and responding campus safety officer (if on-campus) or second college official (if off-campus). Incident reports should be submitted to the Associate Dean of Students for address.
  6. Drugs/Narcotics and/or paraphernalia classified as a misdemeanor by Missouri State Statute will be photo documented and properly disposed of by at least two College officials, in accordance with disposal directions from law enforcement officials.
  7. Deemed possession or discovery of any illegal drug(s) or paraphernalia classified as a felony will be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Students deemed to be in violation of the College’s drugs/narcotics policy will be charged with violation of appropriate Standards of Conduct, noted in the William Jewell College Student Handbook, and may be subject to criminal prosecution.