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Admission Counselors

Interested in learning more about William Jewell College? Take the next step. Our Admission Counselors serve based on academic area of interest, knowing the ins and outs of each potential major. They're here to get to know you personally in order to make your transition to Jewell absolutely seamless. Text or call, and they'll answer. Email, and they'll respond as quickly as possible.

Jewell's Office of Admission is dedicated to working with prospective students like you throughout the entire college search, application, admission and enrollment process. We're here to answer your questions regarding academics, campus life, scholarships, financial aid, and much more! With contacts throughout campus, we're happy to introduce you to future professors, coaches and current students in your specific areas of interest. Contact one of our trusted Admission Counselors today to help guide you through the process.

Bryan Jackson

Admission Counselor — Arts & Humanities

Majors include: Communication, Digital Media Communication, English, Music, Musical Theatre, Philosophy, Public Relations, Spanish, and Theatre. Text or call: 816-579-0016.

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Gabby Williams

Admission Counselor — Professional Studies

Majors include: Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Nursing. Text or call: 816-675-5480.

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Lamont Thompson

Admission Counselor — Social Sciences

Majors include: History, International Relations, Political Science, Psychological Science, and Undecided. Text or call: 816-535-2069.

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Lydia Bunch

Admission Counselor — Oxbridge Honors Program

Majors include: Oxbridge History, Oxbridge History of Ideas, Oxbridge Institutions & Policy, Oxbridge Literature & Theory, Oxbridge Music, and Oxbridge Molecular Biology. Text or call: 816-368-9150.

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Rebecca Broadbent

Admission Counselor — AT Nursing

Includes: Accelerated Track Nursing Program. Text or call: 816-579-0032.

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Shannon Ernst

Admission Counselor — Business & Leadership

Majors include: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and Nonprofit Leadership. Text or call: 816-406-0451.

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Traci Parker-Gray

Admission Counselor — Transfer & International

Includes: Transfer and International. Text or call: 816-384-1694.

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Troy Williams

Admission Counselor — STEM

Majors include: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics, and Physics. Text or call: 816-384-1223.

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