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Partnering for your student's success

As the parents and families of Jewell students, we recognize the important role you play. We believe partnering with you will positively impact your student’s collegiate experience.

Like you, we want your student to thrive and be an active part of the Jewell community. These resources, recommended by people who have been in your shoes, will keep you informed about Jewell activities, help you understand what life is like on our campus and offer ways you can stay involved in your student's college experience, no matter the distance.




The First-Year Experience

This program is designed to help students have a smooth transition to college life. Read more about Jewell's First-Year Experience.

What You Need to Know

These resources will help you navigate your Jewell experience as the parent of a Jewell student.

  • The Student Success Center is a terrific resource for Jewell students who want to stay on top of their academic progress. Make sure your student never misses a meeting with his/her Academic Advisor. The academic advisor will partner with your student to prepare a plan for graduating in three or 4 years.
  • Career Development and Internships can help students explore areas of interest, find internships, perfect resumes and identify potential job opportunities.
  • Paying for college doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Educate yourself on the financial aid process, scholarships, grants and student loans. The Guide to Federal Student Aid provides a lot of important information. To learn more about student employment on campus and review open positions, visit our Student Jobs web page.
  • File the FAFSA as soon after January 1 of the same year for which you are applying for financial aid.
  • Be familiar with FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, so you'll know what information you can access on behalf of your student.

News and Information

  • Several times a year we email a parent newsletter. If you are not on the list and would like to receive this, email parents@william.jewell.edu.
  • Jewell Magazine is distributed to parents, alumni and friends of William Jewell College, highlighting Jewell people, programs, news, athletics and more. View the latest issue.
  • Keep track of holidays, breaks and important dates with our downloadable semester calendars.
  • Read our news releases or see upcoming campus events at jewell.edu/news-events.
  • See photos of events, student life and athletics at photos.jewell.edu (or click on the camera at the bottom of any web page). You can download digital images for 99 cents or order prints that will be delivered to your home. 
  • For information about health services, immunizations and exemptions, visit our Health Center web page.
  • Follow us! You can find the links to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Linked In accounts at the bottom of every web page.

Making Kansas City Better

Business leaders and alumni share ways William Jewell College is indispensable in cultivating critical thinkers and engaged citizens for the Kansas City region. Hear from the area's corporate leaders.

Resources for Parents

  • Staying healthy

    Jewell has a Health Center located on the intermediate level of Curry Hall. It is staffed by a nurse practitioner through The Liberty Clinic Monday through Friday. Students only need a validated Jewell ID to use this service. Learn more about our health services.

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  • Counseling Services

    William Jewell College offers counseling services to provide students with psychological services in a safe, supportive environment. Students often seek therapy in an effort to cope more effectively with mental health issues as well as the multi-faceted demands of college life. The office is located on the intermediate level of Curry Hall. Read more about Counseling Services.

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  • I wish my parents knew

    We asked students to complete this sentence. Their answers offer a glimpse into the minds of Jewell students.

    I wish my parents knew:

    • to consider the little things (like toothpaste and haircuts) when sending me money
    • how powerful a little note or a package in the mail can be
    • the Dining Hall food does not taste like hers. I miss home cooking!
    • how cool it is to be able to bring home 10 friends with only 5 minutes notice
    • that I really will be okay on my own
    • that I haven’t forgotten about them just because I haven’t called in three days
    • how much I love getting a note in the mail just to say hi.
    • sometimes I go to meals in my pajamas…sorry mom
    • that I really do study
    • that I appreciate you doing my laundry when I bring it home
    • I appreciate it that they trusted me enough to respect my choices and let me be myself
    • they are worth coming home for
    • how thankful I am
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  • Lodging

    The Liberty area offers a number of hotel/motel options, as well as a few bed and breakfasts. Visit local lodging options.

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    Parents make a difference. The more aware and informed you are of your student’s college experience, the more effectively you can provide advice and support. College can be an educational experience for both students and parents. Asking questions and having an open dialogue with your son or daughter can be mutually beneficial. It can also lead to your student being more successful at William Jewell College. Here are some ways you can help your student:

    • Stay in touch – Call regularly, email, send a letter or care package.
    • Ask Questions and Listen – Ask your student specific questions about their college experience. Listen carefully to what they tell you. Make sure you feel you are getting answers from them about how they are doing in class and how they are doing socially.
    • Surprise Your Student – Surprise them with an unexpected gift, visit or communication during a stressful time. This does make a difference.
    • Use College Resources – If at any point you believe that the stress is getting the best of your student, contact Student Life and ask them to help.

    The transition from high school to college is a stressful time for new students. That stress manifests itself in different ways depending upon the individual. We encourage parents and family members to be sensitive to the potential stress being experienced by their William Jewell student. We also encourage parents to anticipate the stressful points throughout the first year, when their student may need extra support and encouragement. Please keep the following events and dates in mind as your student begins their William Jewell First-Year Experience.

    Leaving Home/New Student Orientation – August 21-22
    This can be a very disconcerting experience for some students. Students often experience anxiety over fitting in within a new community. They also might deal with anxiety related to getting along with a new roommate as well as worry over achieving academically. Early homesickness might interfere with their ability to connect with peers. Resident Assistants will be checking-up on students to make sure they are transitioning well.

    First Week of Classes – August 22-30
    The first week of classes can be overwhelming for most new students. Encourage them to ask questions if they feel lost. The office of the First-Year Experience is in Student Life, Curry Hall. Please have them email or visit with studentlife@william.jewell.edu.

    Labor Day – September 4
    No classes. Students have been on-campus a little over a week. Please encourage your student to stay on-campus over the extended holiday.

    Three to Four Weeks Into the Semester
    This is a critical timeframe within the student’s experience at college. Typically, the roommate “honeymoon” period ends; homesickness can set in; and shock related to the academic rigor and demands of college begins, as students receive their first big assignments that they must complete for classes. Students need to spend the first four-five weeks on campus without interruption, as this assists them in the critical transition to college. Please try and encourage your son or daughter to stay on-campus for these first important weeks.

    Fall Break – October 12-15
    No classes. Students get a much needed break.

    Midterm Examinations and Papers – October 11-18
    This is a stressful time for students because they have many assignments or tests coming all within a week or two. This can also be a stressful time because grades are often the first mediocre or poor grades that the student has received in their life.

    Advising Days – October 31 & November 8
    Students meet with advisors. No classes.

    Second Guessing and Self Doubt – Shortly After Midterms
    After confronting some of the challenges of college, some students may begin to regret their choice and talk about transferring to another college they considered or one attended by other friends. This can be normal behavior for many students. We encourage parents to discuss with their student that these challenges exist on all college campuses in one form or another and to stick it out. Things will get easier. 

    Thanksgiving Holiday – November 22-26
    For many students, returning home for the first time can be a stressful or awkward time. Some students may wonder if their friends from home have changed while they were away. Students also may struggle to relate to you and the rules associated with being at home once again.

    End of the Semester Finals and Exams– December 12-15
    Papers and final assignments are due. Final exams occur and require students to study intensely to prepare. 

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    Visit our Technology Resources page to learn more about our technology support.

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    The Business Office

    • Accounts Payable and Payroll: busoffice@william.jewell.edu, 816-415-5015
    • Mailing Address: William Jewell College, Campus Box 1019, 500 College Hill, Liberty MO 64068
    • Fax: 816-415-5014

    Financial Aid and Scholarships: finaid@william.jewell.edu, 816-415-5975

    Registrar (transcripts, class registration): theregistrar@william.jewell.edu, 816-415-5979

    Family emergency: Student Life Office, 816-415-5960

    Academic assistance for your student: Pharamond Guice, Associate Dean of Student Success, 816-415-7675

    International study: Sara Round, Director of Global Studies, 816-415-5963

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