Digital and Technology Resources

You will receive a free iPad and have access to integrated technology, 3D printers, high-definition editing suites, technology workshops and more.

Access, Creativity, Collaboration

Since 2015, William Jewell has been recognized for our access to integrated technology and engaged learning. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments. Our vision is to redefine the Jewell experience by using technology that enables access, creativity and collaboration in a 21st century higher education community.

What does this mean for you as a Jewell student?

  • With a Jewell-provided iPad and reliable wireless access anywhere on campus, your learning will not be bound by the limits of a physical campus. And you get to keep your iPad upon graduation.
  • Be part of a community where learning is among, between and led by students. We challenge the traditional instruction-based approach.
  • You have 24/7 access to the Pryor Learning Commons, which opened in 2013 with collaboration studios, editing suites, 3D printers and more.
  • Take part in professional development through workshops, and receive one-on-one assistance through our eHub.

              Technology Resources

              • Personal Computers and Applications

                • Apple Mac OS X – OS X 10.9 and above are supported operating systems.
                • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 ,8 and 10 are supported operating systems on campus.
                • Microsoft Office – The College currently supports Office 2010, Office 2011 for Mac, Office 2016 and Office 365. Students can sign up for Office 365 using their Jewell email address at LibreOffice is an open source alternative.
                • Software Updates – All Windows and OS X and iOS devices should be configured so that Automatic Updates are turned on. All other software such as web browsers, Java, Flash, Silverlight, and Acrobat Reader should be kept updated also.
                • Anti-Virus Software – Every computer should have anti-virus software installed such as McAfee, Symantec, AVG, etc. The College uses AVG anti-virus software and will install the software on any student Windows computer at no charge. Students will need to submit a HelpDesk request to have AVG installed on their computers.
                • This list is not inclusive, students should check with individual instructors prior to a class to see if they are aware of any additional software compatibility issues.
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              • Mobile Devices/Smart Phones/Game Consoles

                • iPad/iPhone – iOS 9 and above are supported operating systems.
                • Android Phones/Android Handhelds – Android 4.0 and above are supported operating systems.
                • Windows Smartphones – These are supported on a per device basis; many models are not compatible with the College secure wireless networks.
                • Nook/Sony Reader/Kindle – These are supported on a per device basis; many models are not compatible with the College secure wireless networks.
                • Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/Xbox – These game consoles are supported by the wireless GameStream network of the College, but will require some setup. Please contact Residence Directors for details.
                • Audio & Video Streaming Devices (AppleTV, Roku, SmartTVs, GoogleHome, Amzaon Echo etc.) – Most devices are supported by the wireless GameStream network of the College, but will require some setup. Devices that require your phone, tablets, or PCs to also be on the GameStream will not work. Please contact Residence Directors for details.
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              • Support Information

                • HelpDesk Requests – For issues with email, network, and general troubleshooting. Browse to JewellCentral (the Jewell Intranet), click on HelpDesk, then on Computer Support. Do not call Information Technology directly.
                • IT iTunesU Course IT maintains a Self-Paced Course at, which can be accessed from the iPad. This course contains helpful articles from IT.
                • Student Support Scope – The IT department will limit work on students PC to minimally invasive procedures. Any hardware or warranty work should be performed by outside vendors or the place where the computer was purchased.
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              • Storage Space

                • Students are given 200 MB of storage space on the College’s servers to store files. This locker space is mapped automatically when students log in to the Z: drive from a college computer on campus.
                • Access to the locker space while not using a college computer is available by using the RDS portal at
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              • Wireless and Ethernet Connections

                • Wireless Network – Available in all residence halls, as well as the PLC, Union, Library, and all academic buildings. In order to connect to the wireless network on Windows devices students will need to set up a wireless profile. Step-by-step instructions are available in the Knowledge Base (under HelpDesk on JewellCentral), or in the IT iTunesU Course or submit a HelpDesk request for assistance from Information Technology. NOTE: Personal Wireless Routers are not allowed on campus networks. They can interfere with regular wireless traffic and cause downtimes.
                • Ethernet Connections – Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis when desired devices will not support wireless connectivity. Please submit a help desk ticket and include building, room number and jack number you would like connected.
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              • Printing

                • Network Printers – Students can print to a number of network printers located on the Scribe2 print server.
                • Print Quota – Every student receives 300 pages of network printing per semester. Each semester any unused printing balance will roll over to the next semester.  This balance is limited to two semester’s worth of credit.  The balance and other printing information can be seen at
                • Additional Pages – These can be purchased through the Business Office at 5¢ per page (minimum $10 purchase).
                • Wireless Printing – Support direct printing from student iPad and other mobile devices.  The instructions for priniting directly from students’ iPads can be found at::
                • Personal Printers – Personal printers are not supported in resident halls or on the campus wireless network.
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              • Computer Labs on Campus

                Use the above referenced locker space while using these machines to avoid data loss.

                • Curry Commons – (Intermediate Level) – Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                • Pryor Learning Commons – Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                • Marston 306 (Academic Testing Center) – computerized testing/presentations/training (reserved for groups)
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