First-Year Experience

As you become accustomed to life at college, there are bound to be moments when you experience growing pains. Change is exciting, but it can also be a bit scary as you explore the many aspects of a more independent style of living. We're here to help!

You're A Cardinal From Day One

The First-Year Experience is a program designed to help you navigate through your first year at Jewell—a time that's bound to be packed with new challenges and adventures. Administered through the Office of Student Life, our staff is always ready to offer encouragement and support at any time. Even before you arrive on campus, you're a member of the #JewellFamily, and we're dedicated to making you feel welcome every step of the way.

Important Contacts

You can reach almost anyone at Jewell by phone or by e-mail. Contact the following people if you have any concerns about:

Orientation Mary Dickerson 816-415-5299
Residential hall rooms or meal plans Ernie Stufflebean 816-415-5913
Computers Lan Guo 816-415-5032
Advisor assignments Dr. Brad Chance 816-415-7555 or Pharamond Guice 816-415-7675
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 816-415-5975
General questions Mary Dickerson 816-415-5299