Proof of Enrollment

Proof of Enrollment of a current student is often needed for insurance, scholarship, or employer reimbursement purposes. This information is available in two formats:

A Certificate of Enrollment is available online through the National Student Clearinghouse, free of charge to current students. To access and print a certificate issued by the National Student Clearinghouse, students may click on the link below, which will take you to MyJewell. You must log in using your regular MyJewelllog-in, go to Students Academic Profile, and then click on the Proof of Enrollment link. Print your Certificate of Enrollment (as many as you need)! (Note: This certificate will not be available until four weeks into the semester for the currently enrolled semester, since the Clearinghouse does not process enrollment information until that timeframe.)

A Proof of Enrollment (enrollment certification) printed on College letterhead issued by the Office of the Registrar is made available to students and parents upon request. This form lists all semesters enrolled at Jewell. Just click on theProof of Enrollment Request form link below, print the request, fill it out and sign it, and either fax it or mail it to the Office of the Registrar (address and fax number provided on the form). Upon receipt of this request, processing time will be 3-4 days. A Proof of Enrollment can either faxed or mailed directly to the student, parent, or other specified recipient (insurance company, etc.), or it can be made available for the student or parent to pick up in person at the Registrar’s window. This document cannot be emailed.