Our Mission
William Jewell College promises students an outstanding liberal arts education that cultivates leadership, service, and spiritual growth within a community inspired by Christian ideals and committed to open, rigorous intellectual pursuits.

Our Values

  • We value our students’ experiences (academic and co-curricular) and the necessity for students to participate, contribute and involve themselves in the educational process.
  • We value faculty members who are models of intellectual and spiritual growth and who lead students in their educational journey.
  • We value our employees and are committed to providing an outstanding work experience.
  • We value the promise of community to shape us, enriched by our similarities and differences.
  • We value engaging the world.
  • We value a comprehensive living/learning experience for students.
  • We value our educational, cultural and economic connections to Kansas City.
  • We value using our resources (human, physical, environmental and fiscal) responsibly.

Our Vision
William Jewell College will be a nationally recognized liberal arts college that encourages intellectual and spiritual growth, leadership and service.  We will empower and challenge individuals and communities to enrich their lives and society by

  • raising and engaging significant questions in pursuit of knowledge and wisdom;
  • providing educational experiences that support career development in the context of a liberal arts environment;
  • creating academic experiences that cultivate talent development and inspire creativity;
  • excelling at the use of effective and diverse methodologies and technologies for teaching and learning;
  • serving others to create a more compassionate and just world;
  • grappling with the meaning and implications of both Christian faith and other perspectives through disciplined and intimate conversations;
  • celebrating the fact that the human community is diverse while respecting and accepting differences;
  • fostering models of responsible community living for our students.