Robert Wells, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair Core Curriculum, Languages, Spanish

Courses taught by Dr. Wells are student-centered, culturally-inclusive and concept-driven. He teaches at all levels of the Spanish program; recent upper-level courses taught for Spanish majors and minors have explored things like art and politics in Chile, fantastic literature in Argentina and Uruguay, and Spanish-language films. His core curriculum courses examine such topics as Latinx Studies, identity and society, and world cinema.

A comparative Hispanist, Dr. Wells' main areas of research are the historic avant-gardes, cinema studies, transatlantic studies, critical theory and continental philosophy. He has academic articles published in Bulletin of Hispanic StudiesJournal of Latin American Cultural StudiesHispania, Política Común, Escrituras Americanas, Dissidences and Rethinking Marxism, and a book chapter in Transatlantic Studies: Iberia, Latin America, and Africa (Liverpool University Press, 2019). On campus, Dr. Wells is also the faculty advisor for the student newspaper, The Hilltop Monitor.


  • University of Kansas
  • University of Michigan