Study Abroad

An opportunity for academic enrichment and personal growth, study abroad also promotes the development of critical thinking, self-reflection and cross-cultural skills you will use long after you've returned home.

Semester and Year-Long Study

Jewell offers study-abroad programs that have been reviewed by faculty and staff for academic rigor and good student service. You remain enrolled at Jewell and earn Jewell credit toward major/minor, core curriculum or elective requirements during your time abroad and your grades will be calculated in the Jewell GPA. If you are interested in a program not on our college-approved programs list, visit the Center for Global Studies and Journey Grants.

Summer and Winter Study

Short-term summer and winter programs are an excellent option if you have a rigid academic schedule or are a student-athlete and need to remain on campus during the semester. You do not need to select a program from the college-approved programs list, though many of them do offer summer or winter options.