American Chemical Society Student Affiliates

The American Chemical Society Student Affiliates encourages the advancement of chemistry and the people who practice it. This active organization advances scholarly knowledge, provides professional series and supports research in the sciences.

How can I join?

Membership is open to students working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or a related academic discipline.

Research and Presentation Opportunities

Every fall group members are invited to attend the Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society to present original research. This year, chemistry, biochemistry and biology majors presented posters at the regional meeting held at the University of Kansas. Their topics included:

  • Construction of a genetic device to investigate bacterial DNA replication
  • Investigation of cybrid SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells as a model for mitochondrial contribution to cell death in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Computational investigation of tryptophan dimer biosynthesis
  • Synthesis of a novel flavonoid dimer as a potential antibiotic,
  • Heart phenotype of an aged mouse model with a targeted deletion causing reduced bone trabecular volume

In 2016 at the meeting held at Kansas State University, a Jewell senior placed fourth out of 58 undergraduate presentations for her poster “Computational Docking and Design of Inhibitors of the H1N1 Virus." She received a cash prize and was invited to give an oral presentation on her topic.

Contact Information

Dr. Aaron Keller, Associate Professor of Chemistry