Pryor Leadership Program

Students selected for the Pryor Leadership Program are called Pryor Fellows. More than 20 years strong, this unique three-year program is experience-based. It encompasses a Cornerstone Course in the first semester that teaches leadership theory and helps identify strengths and weaknesses in personal leadership styles. Later, students are able to put their classroom knowledge to the test via a two-week Outward Bound trip to the Florida Everglades as well as through student internships. A Capstone Course in students’ senior year allows for reflection on leadership application and assists in transitioning them into employment or graduate studies.

How can I join?

Students from all majors are eligible to be Pryor Fellows. Nominations are submitted each spring by faculty and staff, and Fellows are selected following an interview process.

What will we do?

As a Pryor Fellow, you engage in several significant learning experiences. An Outward Bound trip allows you to practice leadership and team building in the Florida Everglades. A Vocational Internship helps you explore your career interests and a Volunteer internship allows you to practice servant leadership. You have interaction with professional and community leaders. In the last semester, you participate in a comprehensive Capstone Course that asks you to complete a group Leadership Legacy project and assists you in making the transition into the world of work.

What is a Pryor Legacy Project?

Part of the Capstone Course in the last semester of the Pryor Leadership Studies Program entails a Legacy Project where students encapsulate their entire leadership experiences into one group-focused project. Some Legacy classes find a true passion for the project and volunteer to manage the programs for years after graduating.

Some recent projects include raising funds and building a playground for a startup urban school, creating a community garden to serve the homeless population in a Kansas City neighborhood and coordinating fundraising and the building of "tiny houses" for local homeless veterans.

Contact Information

Dr. Thomas Vansaghi, Associate Professor and Director of Nonprofit Leadership; Director of the Pryor Leadership Program; Director of Strategic Planning