Nursing Compliance Policy for New Students

Effective Fall 2017; Revised 5/17; 6/18; 7/20; 7/21


  • Clinical Compliance Coordinator (CCC) must check each clinical compliance item prior to a student going to a clinical agency.
  • Clinical compliance verification is due to clinical agencies three (3) weeks prior to the start of clinical.
  • When a student does not meet the compliance due date, the clinical agency will not allow him/her to attend.
  • Students not attending clinical will not meet the objectives of clinical courses.


1. New students will receive clinical compliance requirements immediately following the registration meeting.

2. All compliance must be submitted and verified by noon on the last business day prior to:

  • March 1 for January start
  • May 1 for May Accelerated Track start
  • October 1 for August start

There may be additional site-specific compliance requirements prior to clinical orientations. These will be requested from the student, and a deadline will be given. If students have missing or incomplete site-specific compliance items after the due date, students will be notified by the CCC through email and phone. Students will be given an additional 48 hours after notification by the CCC to comply. If site-specific compliance is not completed within the 48 hours, the student will be considered non-compliant, and the Chair will be notified.  

3. If a student is non-compliant, the student, Course and Clinical Coordinator, and the advisors will be informed by the Chair of the Nursing Department via email:

  • For any incomplete and/or late compliance item(s) the student will have five percentage (5%) points deducted from the final course grade in each clinical course the student is enrolled in.
  • The student will meet with the Chair about the non-compliance. The Chair will initiate the Performance Feedback Form (PFF) process with the student and discuss the process to comply.
  • For incomplete compliance items and/or late compliance items the student will be held accountable for the policies of the course, be at risk for not being permitted to attend clinical orientation and/or attend clinical, failing clinical and/or failing the course.
  • Late and/or noncompliance resulting in course final grade deductions may result in failing the clinical course or clinical courses student is currently enrolled.
  • Students not attending clinical orientation may not attend clinical and must drop the course
  • The student may not return to class, clinical or attend clinical orientation for the related course(s) until the compliance documentation is verified by the CCC.
  • If a second occurrence of noncompliance occurs in a semester, the Chair and student will complete a PFF.

4. Upon verification that compliance is complete, the Chair will inform the student, faculty and advisors via email.