Jewell-Liberty Graduate Professional Development Partnership

Liberty School District teachers can earn graduate credit for District professional development AND apply courses to a master’s degree at Jewell.

Earn Graduate Credit for Professional Development

Through the William Jewell College and Liberty Public Schools Graduate Partnership, you can earn college credit for District professional development by enrolling in one of the following graduate courses aligned with your PD focus:

EDU 540 Graduate Seminar in Teaching Methods & Strategies
EDU 541 Graduate Seminar in Assessment
EDU 542 Graduate Seminar in Curricular Design/Implementation
EDU 543 Graduate Seminar in Targeted Student Growth
EDU 544 Graduate Seminar in Maintaining a Productive Classroom Environment


Build On Your Experience

In each of these courses, you will build on your experience, apply what you are learning and reflect on the effectiveness of professional development practices in your own classroom.

Variable Credit

Each class is offered for variable 2-4 credits with the number of credits dependent upon application in your classroom, investigation of the topic, and depth of reflection.

Convenient Class Time & Location

Graduate instruction is offered by Liberty PD experts/Jewell faculty at convenient times on Liberty School District campus.


$150 per credit

Apply Courses to a Master's Degree

Liberty teachers can complete graduate courses for their own personal growth/advancement or can apply this work to earning a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction. A maximum of 15 credit hours earned through the above courses may be applied to the degree which can then be earned through Jewell by adding as few as four additional Jewell graduate courses. If you earn credit as an unclassified graduate student, you can apply to complete the Master’s degree program at any time.

M.S.Ed. Program