Clinical Compliance Checklist

Background Check and Drug Screen

Must be ordered by Noon the day after Registration Meeting.

  • Background Check: To be ordered through ClinicalStudent. Once completed results will automatically upload to your account. View background policy.
  • FCSR: To be ordered through ClinicalStudent. Students who are not currently registered will receive a separate email with instructions on how to register. Results will be uploaded to your account
  • Drug Screening: All nursing students are subject to a urinary drug screening. Screenings will be ordered through ClinicalStudent. Deadline to deposit urine sample will be given by Validity Screening Solution, students must follow the assigned deadline. Results will be automatically uploaded to your account. View Drug Screening policy.

Certifications & Immunizations

All Certification and Immunizations due dates will be assigned prior to each semester.

  • COVID-19: Provide proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccine series - 1 Johnson & Johnson, 2 Pzifer or Moderna before May 2023. After May 2023, 1 dose bivalent will meet requirement. Acceptable documentation includes CDC issued vaccine card or immunization record from healthcare provider. 
  • TB Screening: Upon entrance to the program, individuals must provide proof of the absence of active Tuberculosis (TB) disease. Documentation includes two TB skin tests within 12 months of each other; the most recent TB Skin test must be within one year of the first day of class OR one IGRA blood test. An initial TB skin test (TST) or IGRA (blood test for TB) will be required to have been done within one year of starting the nursing program. If a TB skin test has never been completed previously, a 2-step TB skin test is required. A 2-step TB skin test consists of two TB skin tests 1-3 weeks apart. The TB test is placed and read within 48-72 hours; then the same procedure (placement and reading) is completed again no sooner than 7 days later. A 2-step TB skin test involves a total of four visits to the clinic, do not wait to start the process!
    (placement – 48 hours – read – +1 week – placement – 48 hours – read)

    A single IGRA blood test (Interferon-Gamma-Release Assay, such as Quantiferon Gold for TB or T-Spot) may be completed in lieu of TB skin testing. A TB Skin Test or IGRA is required annually.

    NOTES: Previous vaccination with BCG may produce a positive TST. If you have had BCG, a positive TB skin test, or have been treated for TB, please contact the Clinical Compliance Coordinator for further instructions.

    Be aware if receiving a live virus immunization (such as varicella, MMR or Flu), you will need to have your TST done either at the same time or wait 4 weeks. The TST must be done first, prior to receiving any other immunizations (live or inactivated).

  • Color Vision Screening: Will be completed at your registration appointment; the documentation will be given to you to upload to your ClinicalStudent account or uploaded for you if completed virtually.
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS): Documentation includes proof of current BLS Healthcare Provider certification taken through the American Heart Association and must be BLS CPR & AED for Healthcare Professionals course. This must be kept current throughout the program. Make sure the course is truly an American Heart Association course and not just listed as “AHA” standards. Courses for lay rescuers such as “HeartSavers” are not acceptable. Courses may include an online portion but must include a hands-on validation of skills. The American Red Cross is not acceptable certification for this requirement. Upload both the front and back of your BLS certification card. Note: Following completion of a class, it can take up to a week to receive your certification card so plan accordingly with our due date in mind. (active certification required – always renew before expiration date)
  • Hepatitis B Immunization: Adequate documentation of a complete series: Three immunizations taken over a period of 6 months is a complete series. The second Hep B immunization must be given no earlier than 4 weeks from the first, and the third given no earlier than 6 months from the first immunization. Students must have at least the first two immunizations in the series documented and uploaded before beginning clinical. Though not recommended because of the risk of Hepatitis B, this vaccine can be waived but a signed waiver must be completed. (ClinicalStudent will require a HepB titer in addition to a 3 part series, this is not part of the Jewell Nursing Compliance a waiver will be provided if needed)
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella: Provide one of the following: a) adequate documentation of two MMR vaccinations at least 4 weeks apart, or b) proof of immunity as evidenced by a positive titer for each disease – measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Annual Seasonal Flu Vaccine: Provide proof of seasonal flu vaccine which includes injection site, route, and signature of vaccinator. This can be administered by our Nurse Practitioner on campus. (Not required for May starts until October)
  • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis): Provide adequate documentation of one dose of Tdap and current Td booster if more than ten years since Tdap. 
  • Varicella (chickenpox): Provide one of the following: (a) adequate documentation of two varicella vaccinations at least 4 weeks apart, or (b) proof of immunity as evidenced by a positive varicella titer.

Important: Immunizations are required for clinical including the Covid and flu vaccine. Clinical agencies may not provide exemptions. The only exemption that may be acceptable by the agencies is a true allergy which requires lab work documentation as proof of the allergy to the vaccine. Any delays in vaccinations or asking for an exception may change the order of classes or delay completion of the program. Please contact the Department Chair immediately if you have an allergy to a vaccine.


 All Certification and Immunizations due dates will be assigned prior to each semester.

 These items are completed every academic year:

  • Student Handbook Quiz and Acknowledgment: Read the current Jewell Nursing Student Handbook. Complete the quiz on Clinical Student scoring 100%.
  • Acknowledgement Form: Carefully review and understand the acknowledgement, sign, date, and upload the completed form.
  • Clinical Agency Relationship Questionnaire: Download form from ClinicalStudent, sign, upload to Clinical Student.
  • Release of Information: Download form from ClinicalStudent, sign, upload to ClinicalStudent.
  • Drug Testing Consent Form: Download form from ClinicalStudent, sign, upload to ClinicalStudent.
  • Clinical Orientation Manual and Exam: Read the Clinical Orientation Manual located in the shared files folder of ClinicalStudent, then complete the quiz with a score of 90% or higher. You may take the exam multiple times. Your exam score is available online for the Clinical Compliance Coordinator so there is no need to submit your results.
  • CNE / KCANE Confidentiality Statement: Download form from ClinicalStudent, sign, upload to ClinicalStudent.
  • Student Health Insurance: Download form from ClinicalStudent, sign, upload to ClinicalStudent. (There has been a separate line added for proof of insurance)
  • Proof of Health Insurance: Documentation includes your current health insurance card as proof that you have health insurance coverage for the current academic year. Only the front of the card needs to be provided as long as it includes the company name, policy holder, and policy number. If you submit an insurance card with only a parent/spouse name, you will be asked to get a letter of declaration from the insurance provider indicating that you are covered under the policy.

Please familiarize yourself with our student compliance policy for new students. If you have any questions concerning the above, please feel free to email the Department of Nursing Clinical Compliance Coordinator Katie Cazzell or call 816-415-7598. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as each of these compliance requirements is an important part of your professional responsibility.

Site-Specific Compliance Paperwork

William Jewell College is a member of CNE (Collegiate Nurse Educators of Greater Kansas City) working to ensure students demonstrate the competency and complete the orientation required in the clinical setting. The Clinical Orientation Manual and Exam are used to provide a general orientation for all students. Ultimately, students are expected to follow the policies and procedures of the institution they are assigned. Many clinical partners have orientation and paperwork requirements above and beyond the general Clinical Orientation Manual and the program compliance outlined therein. These requirements are mandatory. Therefore, nursing students will complete Site-Specific paperwork to participate in clinical.

The site-specific paperwork will generally be assigned by email 3-6 weeks prior to clinical. Students will have 48 hours to complete and return the paperwork unless otherwise instructed.

Reminder: All Certifications and Immunizations should be completed and submitted using ClinicalStudent (see