Fellowship Program and Scholarships

The Christian Fellows Program awards a $3,000 scholarship while the Worship Leader Scholarship awards $7,500. Both are renewable for up to four years.

The Center for Faith and Culture is committed to reinvigorating student spiritual exploration at William Jewell College. In partnership with the College Chaplain, the Center created two scholarship opportunities through the Christian Fellows Program. 

Christian Fellows Scholarship

Recipients will receive a $3,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years.* The Center’s goal for the Fellows Program is to challenge students to examine what a life of flourishing might look like in relationship to their major, their profession and their life’s vocation. The program seeks to answer these questions: What claim does Jesus Christ make on my life? How can I respectfully and honestly dialogue with people of other faiths and traditions in a civil fashion? What can I learn from other Christians and even Interfaith traditions that will strengthen my own Christian faith?

The Christian Fellows Program will include small groups, study groups, service-learning, possible internships and partnerships with local congregations, and leading ministries including student-led worship opportunities. While these Fellowships are available for those considering ministry as a vocation, they are specifically designed for students who take their faith seriously, and who desire to integrate a life of faith into their life’s work, calling and career. All Fellows will pursue majors outside of the Center for Faith and Culture, but all Fellows will be expected to minor in our new Faith and Culture minor. 

Worship Leader Scholarship

The Center for Faith and Culture offers two Worship Leader Scholarships at $7,500 each, renewable for up to four years, to deserving students who will participate in our Christian Fellows program and help lead Jewell’s weekly student led worship service through music.* Applicants should have a strong academic resume and experience leading worship in their local church setting. 

Auditions for this position are required and will take place through the Department of Performing Arts. A letter of reference from an applicant’s pastor is strongly recommended. To be considered, complete the application below, indicating your interest in the Worship Leadership Scholarship in the application essay and sharing why you would be a good fit for this scholarship.

*These scholarships cannot be combined/stacked with another Center for Faith and Culture scholarship, talent or academic scholarships. They may be combined with other Jewell need-based grants or merit scholarships but not in excess of full tuition. To maintain any institutional aid, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester while maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Scholarship renewal eligibility is reviewed at the end of each academic year. Any institutional aid that also includes a participatory mandate may still be impacted if this basic renewal criterion is met but the student is no longer eligible to participate in the co-curricular or academic program. Institutional aid is defined as Academic, Departmental, Athletic, Tuition Remission, or any scholarship/grant from Jewell.

Fellows Program Highlights

The four-year journey of a Fellow:

  • 1st Year

    Fellows will participate in a year-long small group experience with other fellows to encourage and support a student’s faith life and to examine what it means to be a person of faith in the world and in culture. Fellows will begin to dream and vision how their life’s work and vocation will intersect with and perhaps even be driven by their faith. Fellows will also have opportunities to participate in student ministries and service opportunities throughout the year.

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  • 2nd Year

    Fellows will form teams to lead their own small groups on campus; Fellows will also continue working in student ministries as well as participate in service opportunities in the community and in local churches.

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  • 3rd Year

    Fellows will be encouraged to pursue internship work in local congregations, non-profit organizations, and/or social service agencies as well as continue serving as leaders in campus ministry.

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  • 4th Year

    Fellows will reconstitute their first-year small group to work on a Capstone project that reflects of how they have grown in faith and vision, reflecting on what has changed in their lives and thought processes, how their life’s work will be impacted by their faith, and where they see God calling them as they graduate and move into the next phase of their lives.

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