Jump Into Chemistry

As a chemistry major, you’ll jump right in to understand the concepts of organic, analytical and physical chemistry.


You will quickly become proficient in designing, conducting and evaluating meaningful chemical research as well as producing, recording and reporting laboratory data. Faculty will help you develop effective chemical communication skills, including reading, writing and oral presentations. What’s more, in-class instruction using computers and lab equipment allows technology to be integrated with new teaching methods in the classroom setting.

Why pursue Chemistry at Jewell?

Jewell’s rigorous curriculum will prepare you for a wide variety of opportunities including graduate studies, medicine, research, secondary education, teaching and business. Jewell chemistry graduates will have demonstrated:

  • An understanding of concepts of chemistry in the areas of organic, analytical and physical chemistry
  • Competency in the production, recording and reporting of laboratory data
  • Effective chemical communication skills in reading, writing and oral formats
  • The ability to design, conduct and evaluate meaningful chemical research

Our Facilities

Chemists need a laboratory to be successful. We've got seven undergraduate research labs led by faculty mentors and teams including biology and chemistry majors. We've got the latest equipment, including a 3D stereolithography printer, spectrometers (NMR, FTIR, UV/Vis, AAS), chromatographs (GC/FID, GC/MS), flow cytometry, a fluorescence microscope and molecular design workstations.

Undergraduate Research

Gain valuable research experience on campus and off

Jesse Lundervold spent nine weeks at the University of California-Davis at the Research Experience for Undergraduates, funded by the National Science Foundation. She synthesized semiconducting germanium nanoparticles and measured their spectroscopic properties in a graduate-level lab, then presented her research.

Beyond Jewell

You may decide to go on to graduate school like many chemistry and biochemistry majors or pursue a career right away. You also may complete training at Jewell for teaching in secondary education. Whatever direction you choose, you will have a strong foundation in the sciences and liberal arts.

  • Graduate Schools

    Recent Jewell alumni graduate school acceptances:
    • Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences: M.S. in Biomedical Science; Osteopathic Medicine
    • Southern College of Optometry
    • University of Iowa: Ph.D. in Chemistry
    • University of Kansas: Ph.D. in Chemistry
    • University of Michigan: Ph.D. in Physics and Scientific Computing
    • University of Missouri School of Medicine
    • University of Missouri Science & Technology: Environmental Engineering; Electrical Engineering
    • University of Oklahoma: College of Medicine; College of Pharmacy
    • University of Washington School of Medicine
    • William Jewell College Accelerated Nursing Program
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  • Job Placements and Internships

    Student and graduate positions
    • Portland General Electric cyber security engineer
    • Regenerative Orthopaedic Institute lab technician
    • The Kidney Institute, University of Kansas Medical Center research assistant
    • Certified Energy and Environmental Labs analytical chemist
    • Joullian Winery
    • University of California-Davis Research Experience for Undergraduates
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