Elementary Education

William Jewell teacher education challenges students to go beyond their own learning experience to understand how to teach every learner. The College has been certifying teachers for the State of Missouri since 1914 and has held membership in the American Association of College of Teacher Education (AACTE) since 1959. Our program is accredited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Why choose elementary education at Jewell?

Jewell's Elementary Teacher Education program will prepare you to teach grades 1-6. You will learn how young children develop and learn, effective methods of teaching and how schools are structured.  Newly acquired knowledge is directly applied in multiple fieldwork experiences throughout your time at Jewell.

You also will experience Jewell’s unique Core Curriculum: Critical Thought and Inquiry (CTI). These courses provide content that will bring a rich view of our society and the issues that all communities face. These experiences allow you multiple opportunities to engage in deep reflection and problem-solve with your peers. Jewell graduates report the CTI curriculum has given them the skill set to view the world through different perspectives and respect all people.


Degree and Certification

Jewell's program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Additionally, upon successfully completing the initial teacher-certification process, the state grants you certification in elementary education (grades 1-6). You can add a minor or area of concentration if you choose. 

What to expect at Jewell

Phase I: Understanding the Student

You are eligible to take introductory education courses before being formally admitted to The Department of Education. As a prospective teacher, you will learn about development and special needs of students along with being culturally responsive to multiple populations.

Phase I Field Experiences

  • As a class you will visit multiple schools to view culturally responsive teaching.
  • You will have the opportunity to interact with teachers and administrators during visits.


Phase II: Understanding Teaching

You will learn about the different approaches to teaching the elementary subject areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. You will also gain insight into lesson planning, unit planning, assessment and classroom management.

Phase II Field Experiences

  • Students participate in 3 semesters of fieldwork
  • Each fieldwork is 40 hours
  • Every fieldwork has targeted assignments
  • 40 hours each semester
  • Assigned to one classroom
  • Grades and types of schools differ in each experience
  • Opportunities to teach, tutor and experience management

Formal Acceptance to the Department of Education Requirements in Phase II

  • 45 credits completed
  • One semester at Jewell
  • ACT composite of 21 or passing scores on MoGEA subtests
  • 3.0 GPA with no grade lower than C- in all education courses
  • Majority of positive ratings and no significant concerns in fieldwork


Phase III: Year-Long Student Teaching

The learning culminates in a full-year student teaching experience. The year spent with one teacher in one school allows you to become a member of a faculty and professional learning community. This extended period affords the prospective teacher the time to collaborate in depth, know each student as an individual, and to influence the learning of every child in the class.

My Jewell Journey

Carman, Liberty

Carman reflects on a full year of student teaching and shares how she learned to find joy in the little successes of her students and instill a growth mindset. She is now a teacher in the North Kansas City School District.

My Jewell Journey

Grace, Eldon

This Cardinal volleyball player explains the different school settings she experienced as an elementary education major, beginning her first year. And hear what she sees as a big advantage of a full year of student teaching.

Beyond Jewell

  • Careers

    Jewell graduates well prepared teachers making a difference in:

    • Metropolitan Kansas City – public, charter, private and boarding schools
    • Rural and suburban school districts throughout the Midwest as well as other states such as California, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, New York, Connecticut and Wisconsin
    • Internationally throughout the world in countries such as Scotland, Tonga, Japan, Korea, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Poland
    • AmeriCorps, PeaceCorp, Teach for America and City Year

    Leadership positions held by Jewell Department of Education Graduates:

    • Principal
    • Vice Principal
    • Head of School
    • Instructional Coach
    • Demonstration Teacher
    • Curriculum Development Leader
    • Author
    • Adjunct Professor
    • Professors of Education at multiple colleges and universities
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  • Graduate Schools

    A sampling of some education alumni advanced degrees:

    • Harvard – Urban Administration
    • Rockhurst – Speech/Language Pathology
    • Georgia State – Music and Choral Conducting
    • KU, MU and Kansas State – advanced education degrees
    • Edinburgh University (Scotland) – in Comparative Education
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  • Teaching in Missouri and Beyond – Teacher Certification

    Upon successful completion of your teacher education program and all certification requirements, William Jewell College will recommend you for an Initial Professional Certificate in your grade level and content field.

    If you do not plan to teach in Missouri, you must still meet all Missouri requirements. Other states predicate their certification on the teacher education candidate having completed an approved teacher education program in the state where they did teacher education.

    Missouri requirements match well with other states’ requirements so that our graduates have no problems getting certified to teach in other states (although an additional 1-2 courses or a different exit test may be required by other states). The William Jewell College teacher certification officer will help you interpret other states’ certification procedures.

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  • Certification Testing and Results

    Entry and exit tests are required by the State of Missouri for all teacher education students. The current teacher education requirements can be found in the Jewell Teacher Education Policies and Procedures Manual on the College Intranet. Ask your Education advisor for additional information.

    The testing results of Jewell’s teacher education program must be reported to the federal government under Title II of the Higher Education Act. View our current Title II results.

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