The noble task of citizenship

Through this major, you will understand the political world as it really is and engage in the great debates about how it should be.

Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science prepares you to understand the political world and excel in the study of government and justice. You will be trained in careful political analysis and learn to articulate opinions on political theory and public policy. Conducting independent scholarly projects, participating in service, completing an internship and study abroad are other opportunities that complement the academic rigor of coursework.

What will I learn?

As a political science major, you will examine U.S. policy in the Middle East, European Union expansion and whether Machiavelli really is a teacher of evil. You’ll conduct high-level research in democratization and war ethics. You not only will explore domestic and foreign policies, you can use a Journey Grant to visit the places you examine in the classroom and will have opportunities for service and political work.

Gavin Kiger '17

Graduate student in international studies, University of Denver

Gavin was the first Jewell student to study at the University of Liverpool in England. While playing soccer there with Iraqi and Iranian friends, he became interested in tools like soccer for peacebuilding. Now, he's researching why people join nonviolent resistance movements.

Lilia Toson '07

New York State Office of the Attorney General

With a J.D. from NYU, Lilia works in the Health Care and Civil Rights Bureaus, addressing issues of state and national importance. She credits the analytical skills she learned in the Political Science Department with helping her craft successful litigation strategies.

Beyond Jewell

Jewell’s recent international relations and political science majors are working and studying throughout the world.

  • Graduate School

    Recent graduate school acceptances:

    Edinburgh University – philosophy
    Notre Dame Law School
    Oklahoma City University – MBA
    Trinity International University – Theological Studies
    University of Iowa College of Law
    University of Kansas – Chinese Studies
    University of Kansas School of Law
    University of Missouri School of Law
    University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

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  • Job Placements

    Recent alumni are pursuing these careers:

    Capitol Hill – legislative assistant
    Cerner Corporation – consultant
    Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – analyst
    Kansas City, Kan., Public Schools – state assessment manager
    Kansas City Mayor’s Office – public affairs
    Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence – trainer, special projects
    National World War I Museum and Memorial – educational programming
    Superior Management Group – sales/marketing
    English teacher – Thailand and South Korea
    Teach for America – urban middle school
    U.S. Army – officer

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