Pre-Professional Programs

William Jewell offers a number of pre-professional courses of study leading to programs at various graduate and professional schools. Some partner schools offer direct-entry from Jewell.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Start your education at Jewell and prepare yourself for a career in pre-occupational therapy.

A Look at Occupational Therapy

Most students interested in pursuing a degree in occupational therapy choose to major in psychological science. After completing their degree at Jewell, many apply to masters’ or doctorate programs in occupational therapy. Alternatively, students may apply to enter the 3-2 program in occupational therapy offered in conjunction with Washington University. The first three years at Jewell and the first year at Washington University are aimed at completing a B.A. in psychological science. After successfully completing a second year at Washington, you will receive a M.S. in occupational therapy. Students who are admitted to the master’s program at Washington University may consider entry into a longer program that will result in the OTD (doctoral) degree.