Pre-Nursing Admission Policy

Effective Date Fall 2017; Revised 5/17, 6/18, 8/21

  1. Pre-Nursing majors are students that are test optional students or transfer students to the college. Pre-Nursing majors are not direct admit students or conditional admits. Students with conditional admit status may not declare pre-nursing or nursing as their major.
  2. Pre-nursing major will complete an intent to begin form on Etrieve upon admission to the college. Pre-nursing majors start dates to the program may only be deferred once.
  3. Pre-Nursing majors will participate in a competitive selection process based upon:

Preliminary Requirements:

  • Achieving and maintaining a 2.8 or higher cumulative GPA at the time of consideration and must be maintained through the start of the program
  • Majority of prerequisite grades a B- or better on the first attempt with no grade below C.
    1. Chemistry and lab (CHE 113 or 121)
    2. Basic Psychology (PSY 101)
    3. Microbiology and lab (BMS 126)
    4. Human Anatomy and lab (BMS 243)
    5. Human Physiology and lab (BMS 250)
    6. Written Communication (CTI 102 )
    7. Math for the Liberal Arts or Calculus I (CTI 105 or 109)
  • A student may repeat no more than one (1) prerequisite course.  An attempt is defined as enrollment in a class with the following indication on a transcript a) course grade, b) incomplete = I, c) Withdraw = W.
  • Any nursing courses, such as Nutrition, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, must have a grade of B- or better.
  • Completion of college required Core Curriculum level I coursework
    1. The Responsible Self (CTI 100)
    2. Identity and Society (CTI 150)
  • Students at any time not meeting preliminary requirements will be advised to change their major.


  • Submission of a 250-500 word essay answering the following topics: “Why do you want to become a nurse and what is your plan for success through the program?”
  • One letter of recommendation (academic or professional) that addresses the candidate’s character and ability to complete an intensive course of study
  • An interview with one or more members of the Department of Nursing
  • A written summary of any community, volunteer and health-related experiences
  • Completion of a nursing school entrance examination, as administered by the Department of Nursing may be required (Exam fee to be paid by the student)

All students, including pre-nursing, are considered contingently admitted to the nursing program until all preliminary and secondary requirements of admission are met. 

Secondary Requirements are as follows

3. Secondary requirements for admission are completed during the semester prior, only after preliminary requirements are met. These secondary requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of a criminal background check as stipulated by the guidelines of the Department of Nursing’s policy posted on William Jewell College’s Department of Nursing web page.
    1. Background check fee to be paid by the student
  • Completion of a random drug screening as stipulated by the guidelines of the Department of Nursing’s policy posted on William Jewell College’s Department of Nursing web page:
    1. Assignment of drug screening will be designated randomly by the Department of Nursing
    2. Drug screening fee to be paid by the student


1. The Nursing Student Liaison (NSL) will verify the GPA and successful completion of prerequisite coursework of all students intending to begin.

  • At that time, students will be classified as having met or not met preliminary requirements.
  • Any prerequisite courses still in progress at that time will be evaluated at the end of the semester in which they are completed
  • The NSL will notify the Department of Nursing Chair and the department’s Admission and Progression Committee (APC) of each individual student’s status on meeting or not meeting all preliminary requirements of admission.
  • APC will send written notification of a student’s status to the student and advisors.

2. Students who have not met all admission requirements satisfactorily (excluding prerequisite courses they are currently enrolled in at the time) will no longer be considered eligible to begin the nursing program. These students will be advised to change their major.